Instructor Scott, and Dale Johnson

at the welcome center  2014

The youth Snowmobile Safety Class for Dec.10th. 2016 held at the Fremont Recreation Center went very well, A great group of young students attended. We had a total of 14 registered, But due to the time of the year, A couple of them were ill so we had 12 in attendance. We finished the class about an hour ahead of time, But it was one of the highest scoring classes we had with two students getting 100% on the test.

Our goal is and we stress to the students that take the course will ride snowmobiles in a safe manner for themselves and others they are riding with and to respect other riders and the environment where they are riding.

   Instructor Jeff Patten

With hands on class participation

in a safety class.      2016

Snowmobile safety is a essential part of snowmobiling, Safe snowmobilers have the most fun on the trails and make the sport more enjoyable for others.

We offer safety classes every year.

Our instructors are DNR certified

safety instructors.

Lead Instructor

Dale Johnson (ORV, snow)



Jim Maike (ORV)

Scott Johnson (snow)

Jeff Patten (ORV, snow)


    Safety Classes

Instructor Dale, Jeff, and Scott

At the Snowmobile show in Fremont at the old high school 12/10/2016

Next Class: TBA

Instructor Dale Johnson

Class at the Newaygo County Welcome Center.      2015