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Mike LeFevre

The Newaygo County Snowmobile Association Snow Chasers Formed in 1997 when a group of individuals got together and said "hey we need to form a club" Since then, We have worked to gain safe access into the cities of White Cloud, Fremont, and Newaygo

We hold two snowmobile safety courses per year graduating over 385 students since inception.

We are a small club with big ambitions. If you are interested in furthering the sport of snowmobiling in Newaygo County and helping to preserve the sport for furture generations, come join us !!


   Cal Gibbie Trustee

Check out the Racing page !! 

Read the story about 5 Snow Chasers and the ride they had.  Pictures on the left.

 Vice President

 Steve Passage

Thanks to Newaygo County we have a web cam at the Welcome Center/Trail head.

If you click on the picture it will go full screen you will see the Groomer on the left of the barn if its not out, this camera takes a picture every 10 sec.  

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Jim Maike, Trustee


Snowmobile Enthusiasts !!

Great stories or tall tails all good

Snow Chasers Club Officers 2018


Dale Johnson

Bruce Wormmeester, Trustee


Dave Griswold,

Scott Bunker, Trustee